Stream Tera Melos’ New Track, “Your Friends” // Brooklyn Vegan

By Andrew Sacher via Brooklyn Vegan

Math rockers Tera Melos will release their new album Trash Generator this Friday (8/25) via Sargent House. While you’ll have to wait a few more days to hear the whole thing, we’re premiering another song from it ahead of the release. The new song is called “Your Friends,” and it injects the band’s arty, complex sound with some grunge angst. Here’s what vocalist/guitarist Nick Reinhart tells us about the song:

“The song is about guitarist and skate photographer Otis Barthoulameu, aka “O,” and Paul Frank. The artist/designer, and their friendship. We somehow befriended them at some point over the years and they’re some of the coolest, most warm hearted, interesting dudes you’ll ever come across, and they’ve been close friends for like 25 years. Both of them are such positive forces and have this really unique chemistry. It’s crazy to see them interact with one another. Neither of them ever really “grew up.” They stayed doing what they loved and evolved their art side by side. truly inspiring.

I remember demo’ing this song in 2009. It was an oddball thrasher. to me, the final version ended up sounding like a crossbreed of Pixies “trompe le monde” and Metallica “…and justice for all,” or something like that… Actually, O was hanging out with us in the studio texting Charles Thompson about pink guitars while we were recording. Maybe that had something to do with it.”

Listen below.