“Trash Generator” on Top Five Notable Releases of the Week // Brooklyn Vegan


Tera Melos

Trash Generator

Sargent House  

The more Tera Melos’ career progresses, the harder it is to classify them. Their arty math rock makes them kindred spirits with bands like Deerhoof and Lightning Bolt, and they also make as much sense on a bill with spastic metalcore band The Dillinger Escape Plan as they do with indie rock heroes Pinback. (This fall, they’ll tour with Speedy Ortiz, which is a pretty great fit too.) Trash Generator, the followup to 2013’s X’ed Out, could be their most versatile album yet. The start-stop rhythms and off-kilter timing are as complex as the most niche math rock bands, there’s enough weight to rival metal bands, there’s an authentic punk spirit, and the songs are all pop songs in the bright quirky way of, say, Menomena or early Animal Collective. It’s a mix of sounds that can sound ridiculous on paper but is such a thrill to listen to. This album basically jumps in with the weirdness and the momentum both at a high, and it stays like that through the final track, only rarely slowing or quieting down. The album’s lead single, “Don’t Say I Know,” was really the perfect song to preface Trash Generator. All of the band’s sides are represented in one way or another on that song, and if hearing it got you excited, you’re gonna really dig the rest of this LP.

Full article via Brooklyn Vegan // by Andrew Sacher