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Happy new year! Another holiday gift to you from Pedals And Effects, are the final installments of our series with pedal enthusiast and bass player extraordinaire Nathan Latona.

In the fourth installment of our series with Nathan, we go over to the dirt and modulation side of his pedal board. Nathan’s rocking some of my favorite pedals like the BOSS PN-2 Tremolo/Pan and the Digitech PDS 50/50, it was really interesting to see how we have different approaches to the same pedal. Nick and Nathan also talk about their experience being approached by companies as well as other anecdotes from their long history playing together in Tera Melos. I love listening to these dudes talk!


Nick Reinhart Combines The Melodic and Complex on Guitar Player Magazine

If you are wondering whence the next generation of Adrian Belews and Nels Clines will come, wonder no more. As is the case with Belew and Cline, effects are not an adjunct to Nick Reinhart’s playing but an integral part of it. Watching Reinhart dance on his pedals during a Tera Melos performance, you might be reminded of a classic hoofer tapping out complicated rhythms. But be careful, lest the choreography cause you to miss the high level of technical facility that lets him finger complex chords, whip through rapid atonal lines, and tap out figures and riffs on the fretboard—all while handling the lead singing chores.

“I’m really into combining cool sounds and complex ideas with melodic parts,” Reinhart says. “There can be crazy stuff happening with the guitar that perhaps only musically trained people might understand, but then I sneak in a melody that anybody would be able to follow.”


Keith McMillen Instruments Interview with Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos, Bygones, and Big Walnuts Yonder

Nick Reinhart is a guitarist and effects wizard who plays in the genre-defying band Tera Melos, the equally frenetic duo Bygones with Zach Hill, the super-group Big Walnuts Yonder with Mike Watt, Nels Cline and Greg Saunier, and contributed to the Jenny Death half of Death Grips’ album The Powers That B.  I caught up with Nick to talk about the electronic music inspiration for his sound, his process with effects pedals, the inception of Big Walnuts Yonder, The Simpsons universe, and the reality-challenging aesthetic of Windy City Heat.


Nick Reinhart Interview - Carlculation Infinity

Nick Reinhart Interview

Guitar and effects professor Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos, Bygones and Big Walnuts Yonder and a personal favourite musician of mine. Nick is one of those guitarists whose sound is instantly recognisable, continuously innovative and always progressing and venturing into unexplored territories.

Here’s my interview with Nick.

What inspired you to become a musician? What artists/bands/musicians or albums inspired or made an impact on the musical direction and approach you’ve taken with your instrument? And In terms of musical development what were the steps or process that you had to take in order to play the music that you are creating?

I got a guitar when I was eleven years old and it was a mind blowing thing for me. To be able to create music in your own hands was a really neat concept. Nirvana really spoke to me at that age. Seeing Sonic Youth swinging their guitars around and manipulating effects at lollapalooza when I was 12 had a big impact on me. I was into mostly punk in my teens until my friend Bob introduced me to electronic music in 9th grade, specifically Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and Underworld. Then I heard Hella and Dillinger Escape Plan around 2000/2001. I I guess when you mash all that together the music of Tera Melos comes out. I never wanted to play in a band that sounded like anyone else, it was always important for me to attempt create something completely different and unique.