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Hybrid descriptions of music are often a lazy way to avoid digging deep into a band’s musical qualities and, as often, inaccurate. But to call the music of Tera MelosPunk/Prog/Math/Metal/Ambient/Noise is necessary to cover all the ingredients of the band’s cut and paste style. What makes this ADD pastiche work where others fail is the depth of Nick Reinhart’s technique. His seemingly limitless command over both his guitar and the array of pedals at his feet, combined with the bloodletting energy he brings to the stage, make every musical digression compelling. I first met the man described as “Nels Cline’s younger punk rock brother” at the Earthquaker booth at NAMM, improvising up a storm, and finally got him to talk to Guitar Moderne.

What kind of music were you playing when you first became proficient on the instrument?

I was playing punk music when I became “proficient.” I realized the music I was playing/writing was getting more complex and the band I was playing in was confused about the stuff I was bringing to practice—things like 7th chords and alternate time signatures. Eventually the punk band fizzled out and Tera Melos was born.


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TERA MELOS are on tour now - see all details here

We are back with the second instalment in our Tera Melos chronicles. If you haven’t read it yet, check out Part 1 of this interview, where we discussed pedal collections.

Initially before chatting with the guys, we had thought that it would be interesting to discuss the seemingly surfy, garage-y turn that the band’s more recent song-writing had taken. Even a quick listen to X’ed Out in comparison with their earlier albums will reveal an album that seems less complex, maybe a little bit more ‘California’, and perhaps a little more accessible in its own way. That said, X’ed Out undoubtedly retains more than enough complexity to leave the listener engrossed after repeated listens. It’s just that there are, for example, definable choruses, verses or hooks, rather than the more scrambled spaghetti-like forms of from previous records. Despite all this, when we actually started talking about their influences, it became obvious that a concept as banally-titled as “surf rock” was far too simplistic to describe their process and progression as writers…


Sunburn Video!

a living breathing hotdog man journeys to a cosmic soda can and dances with a hologram of himself, only to find that the soda can was far more important than he’d ever imagined. THANK YOU Behn Fannin!


pinback / time machine

hi. we’re going on tour with pinback soon. it’s going to be fun. also forgot to mention on this here website that we went toured japan recently and had a blast. so if you have a time machine you can…


Dillinger Tour!!!!!!!!!!

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04/27  Scottsdale, AZ @ Pub Rock Live *
04/28  Albuquerque, NM @ Launchpad *
04/29  Denver, CO @ The Marquis Theater *
05/01  Dallas, TX @ Trees *…


satan's power II

merry christmas/chrimbus/happy holidays/whatever to you all!

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