Nick Reinhart’s First Pedals // Interview with Reverb

“It’s always a blast when our pal Nick Reinhart of ambient math rock band Tera Melos drops by the Reverb studio to showcase his melodic lines and etherial tones.

On his most recent visit, Nick took us on a trip down memory lane and talked about the first “cool” pedal he ever borrowed when he was just 12 years old: a DOD DFX9 Delay. He also showed us another of his first pedals, the Boss PH–2 Super Phaser, that he was first drawn to because of its vibrant green chassis.

Watching this demo, it’s not difficult to understand why Nick still stands by the DFX9. While he admits having grown out of the PH–2 to a degree, Nick was still able to craft some seriously compelling sounds by throwing an EarthQuaker Devices Hoof on the end of his throwback chain.“

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